My Bucket List

I had more spare time today than I thought I would, so I decided what better way to pass the time than posting my bucket list on here.  And watching The Vampire Diaries. And snuggling in bed with four comforters because fall has finally arrived in central and northern Michigan!

Anywho, like I stated before, I hope this inspires at least one person to start compiling their own.  When I first began it, I thought yeah right like I’ll ever be able to do any of these things, but honestly all it takes is to have a dream or a goal, committ to it, and find a way to do it.

I will continue to add to my list when I see a place I’d like to visit or something new to try.  Each time I am able to cross off something I will blog about it, and post pictures if possible. So here it goes!


  1. Go to Australia       May 22, 2012
  2. Swim with Dolphins   June, 2008
  3. Swim with Sharks
  4. Visit England
  5. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  6. Sleep in a castle
  7. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef    June 3, 2012
  8. Go zip-lining
  9. Visit Hawaii
  10. Visit the Grand Canyon
  11. Go to Jamaica    June 2008
  12. Learn how to surf  June 2012
  13. Learn to snowboard
  14. Visit Romania
  15. Visit 6 continents, excluding Antarctica
  16. Volunteer Abroad  May 22, 2012
  17. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  18. Horseback riding on a beach
  19. Quit biting my nails, for good
  20. Cliff jump
  21. Visit California May 22, 2012
  22. Live in the mountains
  23. Visit Rome
  24. Work/Intern at Disneyworld
  25. Win the lottery (probably won’t happen, but it’s still a dream)
  26. Great Wall of China
  27. Participate in a Polar Bear Plunge
  28. Learn to knit
  29. Visit New York City
  30. Hike in the mountains
  31. Visit New Zealand
  32. Throw a dart at a map and travel there
  33. Celebrate a birthday in Las Vegas
  34. Hot air balloon ride
  35. Be a maid of honor
  36. See Italy
  37. Visit all the US States
  38. Cruise to Alaska
  39. Climb or rapell a cliff June 21, 2012
  40. Ride an elephant
  41. Go on a safari
  42. Visit Paris
  43. Visit Machu Picchu
  44. Visit Greece
  45. Feed a kangaroo   June 21, 2012
  46. Go to a Red Wings game
  47. Swim in all oceans
  48. Swim in all 5 Great Lakes
  49. Visit Fiji
  50. Go white water rafting   June 12, 2012
  51. Visit Egypt
  52. Hike the Incan Trail
  53. Go to Hollywood May 24, 2012
  54. Visit Ireland
  55. Tour the Roman Colosseum
  56. Go sky diving
  57. Be in Times Square on New Years Eve
  58. Travel Route 66
  59. Visit Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  60. Watch a meteor shower
  61. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  62. Experience zero gravity
  63. Get a beach cabana
  64. Ride a camel
  65. Attend a masquerade ball
  66. Sleep under the stars in the back of a pick-up truck
  67. Go whale watching
  68. See the Northern Lights
  69. Stay in an underwater hotel
  70. Send a message in a bottle
  71. Learn to change a tire
  72. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  73. Visit Bora Bora
  74. See a solar eclipse
  75. Be in two places at once
  76. Have my own star
  77. See a Broadway musical or play
  78. Learn to speak French
  79. Open my own store
  80. Visit a real Haunted House
  81. Tour Neuschwanstein Castle
  82. See all 7 wonders of the world
  83. Visit Amsterdam
  84. Own a huge library
  85. Visit the Taj Mahal
  86. Be debt free
  87. Participate in a flash mob
  88. Go to a black sand beach
  89. Learn to drive a stick shift
  90. Watch a real break dance battle
  91. Stand on the equator
  92. Wine tour in Napa Valley
  93. Visit a hookah lounge
  94. Go scuba diving  June 10, 2012
  95. Climb the Sydney Harbor bridge
  96. Run a 5k
  97. Go deep-sea fishing
  98. Go ice fishing
  99. Go deer hunting
  100. Learn to play golf
  101. Go to a shooting range
  102. Float on the Dead Sea
  103. Learn to speak Spanish
  104. Jump from a cliff into deep water
  105. Learn to scuba dive so I can go on my own
  106. Learn to paddle board
  107. Go on a submarine  June 2008
  108. Go bungee jumping
  109. Go hiking in a rainforest
  110. Go fire walking
  111. Ride a mechanical bull
  112. Ride the Orient Express
  113. Sleep in an overnight train
  114. Walk through a labyrinth
  115. Go Zorbing
  116. Ride the world’s largest Ferris Wheels
  117. Stay at the Space Hotel
  118. Watch a rocket launch live
  119. Visit the San Diego Zoo
  120. Watch turtles hatch and go into the ocean
  121. Death Valley, California
  122. Everglades, Florida
  123. Yosemite National Park
  124. Stonehenge, United Kingdom
  125. Climb the Statue of Liberty
  126. Mount Rushmore   August 2009
  127. Oktoberfest
  128. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  129. Watch the 10 greatest movies of all times – by American Film Institute

    Citizen Kane – Casa Blanca – The Godfather – Gone With the Wind – Lawrence of Arabia – The Wizard of Oz – The Graduate – On the Waterfront – Schindler’s List Singin’ In The Rain

    So, there is my personal bucket list.  I hope to be able to do most of them throughout my lifetime.  If you have any suggestions of something I should add, please leave me a comment! I’m always up for new ideas.  Unfortunately, most of these will have to wait until I graduate from college and get a career job so I can pay for them.



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