A Long Weekend at Home… finally.

After a couple long weeks at school I was finally able to make it home for Thanksgiving and my boyfriends birthday. And I had an absolutely wonderful time, minus the first tiff with my sister in years.

Wednesday night after my darn presentation for class I packed up and drove the 111 miles home, with no passenger window, in the cold. After I got into town we all went to my sisters house for pizza and game night, and we played Whats Yours Like? It gets really awkard when you play with your mother and her boyfriend. But it was a lot of fun.

Thursday we all went downstate for our Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s dads house. The weather was gorgeous and the food was really good.  On our way home we stopped at Fifth Third Ballpark for their Christmas decoration display and I headed out to Buckley for the night once I got home.

Friday and Saturday I spent with Jeff since it was his birthday and had a great time, except for drinking a little too much and passing out. How embarrassing.  Saturday he took me out to High Rollaway and two tracking, I can’t wait to do it again. 🙂 Had dinner at Red Lobster, and went to the Courtyard for the night.

Sunday I spent at home resting from the stupic cold I’ve caught, watching a movie with Jeff, eating a delicious sea-food pizza, stopping in to see my dad and saying goodbye before I headed back to boring ol’ Mount Pleasant for 3 more weeks of school before winter break.



Fall semester is almost over… praise beer!

Procrastination is a nasty little buggar, especially when it’s three weeks from finals and you realize you have a a bajillion assignments to finish and turn in before the holidays.  It sucks even worse when the holiday is three days away and you’re running out of hours in the day to do everything you need to get done so you can enjoy the mini-recess before you CRAM six classes worth of information in your wee little brain so you can just barely pass the exam, just in time to let the information steam from your ears as you drink a beer, or five in my case, and cheers to the end of the semester. Phew. I feel better now.

This is my stress releaser – I should be working on a five page film analysis on Road House – which if my homework consists of Patrick Swayze kicking butt, by all means – pile it on.  And then when I get finished with that I should be working on my presentation of Marty’s Bar for Wednesday.  But here I am, and here you are – reading my problems. Since homework isn’t interesting, let me tell you about my past week…

Last Sunday I was watching Road House, go figure, in my living room when I hear a thud.  I look out the window and just assume it’s the bikes hitting the porch railing because it was windy.  A couple seconds later I notice the light in my car is on, I figured my seatbelt got stuck in the door again.  A couple more seconds later, I realized earlier I was sitting on my porch steps smoking a cancer stick and then I came inside,  and I knew my light wasn’t on then.  Then, I heard my car beeping. I knew something was iffy the moment I realized my lights were 100% off.  So I open the door slowly and look around. Nothing.  I go to shut off my lights and there’s broken glass all over the front seats of my car. Great, a branch fell and went through my passenger window.  I go to look at it and nothing but a BIG FREAKING BOULDER sitting on my drivers seat.  It took me a couple seconds to put two and two together and when I did, I RAN.  Run, Forest, RUN! crossed my mind as my roommate and I hurried inside and locked the door behind us.  Grabbed a couple butcher knives and we took off running down the porch looking for the moron.  Just kidding. I called the po-po.

While I waited for them to arrive, I decided to get my information around in case they needed it.  I couldn’t find my newly beloved hot pink purse I just bought a couple weeks ago, so I go to check my car. Duh-me. Dummy. Moron’s took off with my purse.  Joke’s on them. I’m a poor college student.  They did however get a debit and credit card. And my Twilight ticket for the movies. Again, jokes on them. Just kidding – I’m a closet Twi-hard. Team Jacward. They’re both uh-ma-ZING.

Anywho – apparently that was about the 50th time someones broken into a car and stolen a purse, and here I thought I was friggin special.

That was 8 days ago.

Today, I was told the SOB decided he was brave enough, or stupid enough, to try it in the middle of the day.  As I write this, the moron is probably sitting behind bars beggin’ for his momma. Let him beg.

Unfortunately, my purse has not been found. But I did get to go see the last Twilight movie – the kind manager reprinted me a ticket. 🙂

Karma’s a bitch.
And beer is good.

It’s already November!

Oh my goodness! 43 days and 15 hours until Christmas is here, how many of you are ready? I know I’m not.  It’s not even Thanksgiving and Meijer has been playing Christmas music.  My lovely sister, however, has already made or bought nearly all her gifts so we’ll have to see what she decides to do for Black Friday, one of my favorite holidays. 

For the past four or five years the girls of my family head out for some early morning shopping and good deals, a lunch break at Red Lobster (always, always, ALWAYS Red Lobster) and back to the sales until at least 3. This year I don’t even know what to get anyone – as we get older people quit saying what they want, or they want things way past my budget (I’m a poor college student). But I am driving my sister crazy cause I don’t have a list. Eh.

Got any ideas for me?

-My mom and her boyfriend just moved into a new house.
-My sister, her fiance and their 2 kids have pretty much everything they need. Maybe wedding stuff?
-My brother and his girlfriend also just moved into an apartment together, with 2 new dogs.
-My boyfriend just bought a truck. And likes to hunt. I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about hunting.
-My dad, well… he has a mullet.

Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated. Until next time…