A Long Weekend at Home… finally.

After a couple long weeks at school I was finally able to make it home for Thanksgiving and my boyfriends birthday. And I had an absolutely wonderful time, minus the first tiff with my sister in years.

Wednesday night after my darn presentation for class I packed up and drove the 111 miles home, with no passenger window, in the cold. After I got into town we all went to my sisters house for pizza and game night, and we played Whats Yours Like? It gets really awkard when you play with your mother and her boyfriend. But it was a lot of fun.

Thursday we all went downstate for our Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s dads house. The weather was gorgeous and the food was really good.  On our way home we stopped at Fifth Third Ballpark for their Christmas decoration display and I headed out to Buckley for the night once I got home.

Friday and Saturday I spent with Jeff since it was his birthday and had a great time, except for drinking a little too much and passing out. How embarrassing.  Saturday he took me out to High Rollaway and two tracking, I can’t wait to do it again. 🙂 Had dinner at Red Lobster, and went to the Courtyard for the night.

Sunday I spent at home resting from the stupic cold I’ve caught, watching a movie with Jeff, eating a delicious sea-food pizza, stopping in to see my dad and saying goodbye before I headed back to boring ol’ Mount Pleasant for 3 more weeks of school before winter break.


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