Boredom sucks; go do something!

I get bored easily, mostly because I like to procrastinate and not do what I’m supposed to until hours before it’s due – my grades with back me up on that.  And since finals are just around the corner (thirteen days and 9 hours, but who’s counting) I think I will have even more free time on my hands. Usually when I’m bored I sit in bed and watch television shows on Netflix – my nephew can even attest to that.  One day I was on FaceTime with my sister and nephew and he yelled at me – “AUNT MANDA! GET OUT OF BED NOW” He was used to seeing my pillows as my background, so it’s pretty sad when a 2 year old needs to tell you to get out of bed. Another person who can vouch for me is my roommates boyfriend.

Today I was in the kitchen making food and he walks in and asks me what’s wrong.  I was dumbfounded for a couple seconds but then I realized it’s probably the first time he walked in and I wasn’t laying in my bed or passed on the couch in my pajama’s at 6pm.

Anyways – so I decided to do some research and think about what else I could be doing with my precious time instead of wasting it away watching Netflix, because, honestly, will knowing Elena really loves both Damon & Stefan Salvatore do me any good in real life. Chances are, probably not. But it’s a good show.

Here’s what I came up with-

  • Create a bucket list. Then share it with me!
  • Create a blog.
  • Read a good book.
  • Clean out your e-mail inbox.  Unsubscribe from the annoying companies that fill it up so quickly.
  • Sort through your closets – make piles for storage, garage sale and garbage.
  • Put photos in an album
  • Volunteer
  • Automate your bills so they’re actually paid on time.  (I hate when people give advice and don’t actually use their own advice, which means, I hate myself right now.) If I knew I’d have the money in my account at that time, I’d do it. But…


There’s just a couple. I’ll think of more.



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