planning a cruise!

It feels like it’s been FOREVERRR since I’ve been on a vacation, and really, it’s been less than 8 months since I got back from a month in Australia. I still can’t believe I spent an entire month in the land down under! One of the best months of my life, such a great opportunity and experiences.

Now I am planning on a cruise with my guy šŸ™‚ We’re going the first weekend in May which will be the day after my finals, and the week before my 8 weeks of summer classes aka hell, begins. I will be needing this vacation, but I also need to exercise and get in shape. Eating Taco Bell 3 times a week, and a Hot N Ready little Ceasar pizza to myself probably isn’t going to help. My roomie is letting me use her P90x so I am going to give that a try, even though it’s less than 90 days away.

I think as of right now we are going on a Carnival Cruise. We’re going to drive down to Detroit or Grand Rapids, hop a plane to Miami, stay at a hilton property (LOVVVVVEEEE my employee discount!!) and then ALL ABOARD! Drinks, sunshine, food and my wonderful guy. I’m pretty geeked.

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