Create memories & put them in a jar

I’ve been itching to write on my blog again so I was trying to think of something creative to write about and as I was sitting in class I remembered my memory jar sitting on my nightstand, so I’d thought I’d share.

Last spring I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest, go figure, and it was too easy and fun to pass up. I was scrolling through the thousands of ideas and pins under the DIY section and came upon a memory jar.  Basically, you just write down memories and put them in a jar so when you’re feeling down or want to reminisce, you pour them all out and it cheers you right up!  I started the night I saw the idea and have dozens of memories written on post-it notes, ticket stubs, movie stubs and wristbands.

 Tonight after class,  I dumped out the contents and had a blast remembering all the fun times I had throughout the last year.  It’s such a great mood booster! Everyone should do this, it’s too easy and fun to pass up.  

Some of 2012’s best memories:

June 23rd – My uncle had a birthday bash at his house the day after I got back from Australia.  I got to see family members I usually only see during the holidays and I got to spend the evening with my boyfriend after being away for a month. This is the night I’m pretty sure I fell head over heels for him as we went to get beer at the store and he was singing country songs. 🙂

Wristband from Eldora Speedway – I went down to Ohio with my boyfriend and his aunt and uncle for my first race experience and I had an absolute blast.  We went out to a couple of bars the night before the races, and the day of the race we spent more than 12 awesome hours at the tracks.  I got pretty spoiled for my first experience – we got pit tickets so I was able to wander through the hundred plus race cars and walk underneath the track to the pits.  I stood less than 10 feet from cars going upwards of 100mph racing around the curves.  

April 13 (yes, it was a Friday) – Jeff came down to see me for the first time.  We’d been texting for weeks, never even talked on the phone until he was 10 minutes from my apartment. It was definitely one of the best days in a very long time.  We walked around the local park talking about stuff since I hadn’t talked to him in about 6 years.  We had dinner at Bdubs, went bowling and then rented a bunch of Will Ferrell movies. 🙂 perfect day. 

May 22 – Started dating my guy. Got a pretty good feeling bout this. 

June 22 – Landed in Brisbane, Australia to begin my 4 weeks of volunteer and adventure! Went out to Family Nightclub and I just wanted to dance.  Beer and tequila will do that.

June 23 (also) – My aunt, uncle and their 3 kids came to visit for a week. I rarely ever get to see them! We were finally able to celebrate all the kids birthdays together.  We had my 6 cousins and then my niece and nephew were there.  That’s eight kids under the age of 8. Every one of them a year apart.

May 12 –  I went home waiting for my niece or nephew to be born.  Went to Outback for dinner and then to the movies to see The Avengers and both me and my boyfriend fell asleep within 30 minutes. So we left.

May 13 @ 4:14am – My sister called me and told me to get to the hospital pronto so I could meet my niece or nephew. She wouldn’t tell me what it was over the phone.  I got there 25 minutes later to meet my beautiful niece, Madalyn. I was the second one to meet her besides her parents.  I’m so glad I’m close with my family.

July 28 and 29 – My roommate from the previous two years came to have lunch with me at La Senoritas! That evening I drove to Clare to camp with her family for the night, it was a great time! The next day my sister and her family met up with me for ice cream,  That evening my mom, her fiance and his brother and sister-in-law came to have a couple drinks with me before they went to a concert.

July 30 – Went to the Jake Owen and Florida Georgia Line concert in Harrison. We tailgated in the parking lot until cops on horseback’s told us to go into the concert.  Jake Owen actually came and hung out with us, barefoot, for awhile with his wife.  He even gave us a bottle of moonshine. It was a great night.

July 5 – Went camping in with my boyfriend and his daughter and went out on the boat.  Dad came out to hang out for a little while.  Another good day. 

Sometime in August – Went to Blake Shelton’s concert. Miranda Lambert came on stage as a surprise!  It was with my roomie, her boyfriend and my boyfriend.  Had a blast with them.  Sucked I had to go to work afterwards while everyone else got to go to sleep. 


So that’s just a couple of the awesome memories I had over the past year.  It’s hard to beat, but 2013 has already brought great memories because I am surrounded by people I love and care about and who I always have a good time with.

Memory Jar

Finally, we're all together to celebrate

Finally, we’re all together to celebrate

The day she was born

The day she was born

Prettiest little girl ever

Prettiest little girl ever


Jake Owen concert


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