It’s already November!

Oh my goodness! 43 days and 15 hours until Christmas is here, how many of you are ready? I know I’m not.  It’s not even Thanksgiving and Meijer has been playing Christmas music.  My lovely sister, however, has already made or bought nearly all her gifts so we’ll have to see what she decides to do for Black Friday, one of my favorite holidays. 

For the past four or five years the girls of my family head out for some early morning shopping and good deals, a lunch break at Red Lobster (always, always, ALWAYS Red Lobster) and back to the sales until at least 3. This year I don’t even know what to get anyone – as we get older people quit saying what they want, or they want things way past my budget (I’m a poor college student). But I am driving my sister crazy cause I don’t have a list. Eh.

Got any ideas for me?

-My mom and her boyfriend just moved into a new house.
-My sister, her fiance and their 2 kids have pretty much everything they need. Maybe wedding stuff?
-My brother and his girlfriend also just moved into an apartment together, with 2 new dogs.
-My boyfriend just bought a truck. And likes to hunt. I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about hunting.
-My dad, well… he has a mullet.

Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated. Until next time…